Domestic effluent

Specialist for the reed bed filters

The “French” reed bed filters system provides a high performance integrated solution to treat raw domestic waste water and for dewatering and mineralisation the accumulated sludge. With more than 800 plants installed, their effectiveness is clearly demonstrated.

As pioneers in France in the development of Reed Bed Filters using vertical flow design for raw wastewater treatment, we have the experience and skills in theoretical and practical domains that enable us to design and implement waste water treatment plants using best practice - landscaped integration, no odour nuisance, low or zero energy requirements.

We adapt our solutions as required, taking account of the specific characteristics and local constraints applying to each project, and guarantee long-term compliance with regulatory requirements. Our R&D department enables us to offer innovative solutions to maximise compactness, or optimise performances, e.g. concerning nitrogen and phosphorous


1st stage intake

Use of local resources

Our customers include:
local authorities, motorway service area management companies, businesses, golf courses, tourist sites.