Food Production industries

Effluent from the food production industry can vary considerably in nature: high level of suspended solids, grease and organic pollution. The levels of activity are extremely variable. All the effluents must be treated before they are discharged into the receiving environment.

We carry out:

• Installation of pre-treatment when the industrial operator is authorised to discharge its effluent into the collective sanitation system.
• Installation of a complete «in situ» treatment when the industrial operator cannot discharge into the collective sanitation system. The treated effluent is thus discharged into the natural environment.

Our main technologies:

• Buffer storage of waste water, to control peaks in pollution,
• Aeration and mixing system making it possible to treat organic pollution,
• Finishing treatment using reed bed filters. The roots of the reeds improve oxygenation and provide an additional appropriate environment for micro-organisms capable of breaking down the dissolved organic pollution.
• Sludge management on drying reed beds.
• Capacity to treat nitrogenous and phosphoriferous fractions.

Treatment of effluent from a cooked meats factory

Sewage plant at a chocolate, cakes and confectionery factory

Reed bed filters for finishing treatment