Operation assistance service

We have developed an operation assistance service for our customers. Our teams are very much involved, providing environmental education, preventive action and corrective work. This activity is carried out under the SAVEA label, a French acronym standing for Epur Agro after sales service.


SAVEA takes over from the Works Department upon completion of construction and carries out monitoring of the plant. The plant’s operations personnel are trained by means of inspections of the installations and process presentation days. Plant support is defined in collaboration with our customers, to set up appropriate monitoring procedures.

Assistance contract

The plant is operated by the operations personnel. To help operators in this task, we offer an assistance contract comprising several levels of intervention:
• a telephone hotline
• preventive maintenance inspections
• an annual report analysing the information obtained from remote surveillance and site inspections, with recommendations for possible improvements.
• regular monitoring and remote analysis of the plant’s functioning
• an alert in the event of malfunctioning relating to relevant criteria
• on-site assistance if necessary
• corrective work, including detailed reports on the work carried out

Analysis laboratory

Biological monitoring of installations