«HYDR’EPUR®» system for storage and treatment of stormwater discharges: • Rain water alone: run-off (car parks, roads, roofs, etc.) • Combined Sewer overflow EPUR NATURE has 10 years of experience in this field. This enables us to guarantee a high quality discharge level.

Our system treats:

• hydrocarbons (PAH), heavy metals (zinc, copper) and suspended solids (SS) • organic pollution (SS, COD, BOD5, NTK) Scientific monitoring has assessed the following removal rates*:

| PAH > 70 % | SS > 80 %
| Zn > 75 %     | COD > 60 %

A 3-stage method

• Pre-treatment to retain coarse waste,

• A buffer zone for settling and storage of rainwater,

• A filtering/purification zone using a vertical flow reed bed filter

*with a concentration of SS and COD > 250mg/L at the plant intake.

Bar screen


Treatment of run-off water from car park (filter in foreground and buffer zone in background)