Specific / industrial effluent

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Industrial effluents are complex and varied. The regulatory obligations regarding compliance and safety are tough to meet. In this context we provide environment-friendly technologies that enable businesses and local authorities to reduce their carbon footprint, protect their resources, and at the same time guarantee reliability and durability of the investments made.

Our knowledge of the treatment processes that exist and our constant search for solutions meeting the specific requirements of different industrial sectors has led us to combine our skills and know-how in partnership with international companies.

1. Effluent characterisation and preliminary feasibility tests on pilot plants

2. Design and implementation of complete systems in partnership with Naturally Wallace Consulting (USA):

• Forced aeration planted reed bed filters, e.g. to treat run-off water containing de-icing products (glycol) in airports,

• Filtering marsh systems to treat waste water containing very high levels of pollutants from petrochemical and chemical industries, mining effluents containing high levels of cyanides, iron and manganese, as well as different aromatic compounds (benzene, toluene) and other complex organic compounds sometimes found in brownland site water tables.

Pilot plant for treatment of water with high ammonium content

Treatment of water from polluted water tables as part of restoration of a brownland site.

Forced Bed Aeration Technology ™