Treatment of sludge and septage

Our fields of activity

Drying Reed Beds are an ecological solution for treatment of sludge and septage. They enable drying and mineralisation of sludge for a minimal energy output.

Septage discharge

We offer a turnkey service comprising design, construction, commissioning and support for operation during the first few years, making it possible to guarantee the level of sludge dryness. It will then be easy to re-use this sludge in agriculture. Our know-how enables us to define the most suitable, economically viable and high performance solution, according to the various grades of sludge to be treated.

• Restoration of domestic sludge drying systems

• Treatment of septage, allowing it to be emptied by vacuum trucks on a single site

• Treatment of industrial sludge, including a feasibility study and adjustment of dimensions on pilot units

Planting of reeds


Withdrawal of mineralised sludge