Wine production

Each producer must manage two very different types of effluent as per existing water law and decrees:
• wine production effluent produced by wine-making activities in cellars • crop protection effluent

Validated 100% natural solutions

Cascade Twin® and Vitimax® are the only two systems approved for treatment of both effluents They are based on aerobic biological treatment. The activity of the free culture bacteria degrades the polluting load of the effluent thanks to aeration systems installed in vats or basins.

Guaranteed peace of mind

• Automated processes adapted to every situation
• A finishing treatment and sludge management by means of reed bed filters
• Contracts for preventive maintenance and remote surveillance

A tailor-made solution

Reduced land-take, landscaped integration, compact solutions and extensive solutions

Economies of scale

Whether it be individual or collective projects, our technical solution enables treatment of both types of effluent.

Construction of the «Vitimax» system

Sludge management using drying reed beds

«Cascade Twin» approved system

«Vitimax» approved system